Eight Easy Steps to get an AED in Your School

AED Application 

Step 1: Understanding the Value of an AED.  Communicate the value of an AED to your organization. AED’s are easy-to-use devices that can be used in conjunction with CPR to start a heart in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. With an AED, survival rates jump from less than 5% to nearly 70%.

Step 2: Create support at your organization. Talk to your school principal, school nurse, and other key staff members. If you are seeking an AED for your athletic department, talk to the athletes and athletic director. The more support you create upfront, the easier it will be for you to raise the buy-in funds.

Step 3: Decide your method of raising funds. What kind of fundraiser will you do? Who will implement the fundraiser? Will your PTO or another group sponsor the fundraiser? If you are trying to place an AED in your athletic facility, can a team run the fundraiser? Be sure your sponsor is equipped to track money raised.  The $750 is privately generated by school fundraisers. Examples include a car wash, bake sale, PTO donation, parent/grandparent donations, partnering with a local store and sell “green” grocery bags, or a girl scouts and/or boy scouts fundraiser.

Step 4: Hold your fundraiser. Use this opportunity to educate your donors about the importance of an AED. Try to limit your fundraising event to a maximum of two weeks.

Step 5: Apply for the AED Donation from  KickStartMyHeart.

Step 6: Once completed application is received along with the $750 “buy-in” donation, your school will be placed on a waiting list. The longest a school has had to wait for their AED is 5 months.

Step 7: Once your school moves to #1 on the waiting list, school officials will be notified that a unit is available. Required CPR/AED training will be scheduled.

Step 8: Your AED unit is delivered to the school. The Daniel J. Lunger Fund provides funding for training to 10 staff members ($150.00 value). Any additional staff wishing to be attend the initial training may do so for the student cost of $15. 
HeartSmart offers this training at a 50% discount to Dan’s Fund clients to encourage the maximum number of trained personnel.

AED Project

Meyers Pool within a year of his death, hoping they would never need to be used. But, the unit at Standley Lake WAS used successfully to save Lindsay Hayden’s life on April 7, 2008 (see Lindsay’s Story). It is essential that everything be done to keep our children safe, and our top priority to help get these units in the schools.   

To offset the expense for each school, the Daniel J. Lunger Memorial Fund will sponsor ten staff members per school for their required CPR/AED training of four hours through Heart Smart. The Fund has earmarked at least $7500.00 toward this effort and can therefore assist at least 50 schools with their fundraising.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Howard and Susy Lunger

The Daniel J. Lunger Memorial Fund is proud to partner with Heart Smart and the “Kick Start My Heart” Foundation to place AED’s in as many schools as possible throughout Colorado.

When our son died in August of 2006, he was a physically fit young man and had been seen by doctors for annual check ups and sport physicals. A heart ailment was never detected. After his death and the ARVD diagnosis, we were told that if an AED had been immediately available it might have saved his life. We placed AED’s at Standley Lake High School and